How Many Short Fiction Stories Should I Include in a Digital Offering?

If you are an author and you are trying to get a following of readers, it makes sense to entice new readers to your works. In the past this may have been relatively difficult because it costs quite a bit of money to print and distribute short stories. However that was then, and this is now, and we are now in the digital age of information. Therefore it is rather easy to put together three or four short stories in an e-book, and then offer it to readers for free. If your writing is good, and they are attracted to your style, and the types of stories you put out, you may find yourself with more loyal readers.Best of all depending on your abilities those readers may tweet, or tell their other friends on social networks and get the buzz out for you. So how do you go about this? Well, first you need to write a good synopsis in a couple of paragraphs, and posts that were people will find it. Then when people come to your website, you offer them a free download in something that appears to be an e-book. Perhaps you might put one short story online on your actual website, with a link where they can go and download a few more short stories at no cost to them.Then after they are hooked on your wonderful work and you as a literary author that they’d like to follow, they will not only become your friend on the social networks, and buzz about your work online, but they will also now be willing to pay you for other short stories, and perhaps pulling novels in the future. It is my recommendation that you put together no more than four or five short stories, and I am assuming they are between 8 to 12 pages each into an e-book for free downloading. You might also put two samples of your work in short stories on your website for people to read online.This is a great way to market yourself as an author and to get a loyal following, it is work, but for many of my friends, they recommend these types of methods for the marketing of their works. Perhaps you should try this yourself. Indeed, hope you’ll please consider all this and think about how you can break in to the industry, and eventually make money online selling your stories, and novels. Think on it.